The daily Plenary Sessions feature some of internationally renowned speakers, who are distinguished scientists and community leaders. Plenary Sessions bring all congress delegates together with no sessions running in parallel. 

Wednesday, 03 May 2023, 16:00 – 18:00 CEST
Plenary Session 1:

The basics of menopause (Basic Sciences)

Oscar Franco: The role of the exposome in menopause
FJM Broekmans: AMH: the hormone of fertility and of menopause

Thursday, 04 May 2023, 09:15 – 10:15 CEST
Plenary Session 2:

Hot topics of menopause (Clinical Sciences)

Chrisandra Shufelt: Targeting women at risk of CVD at midlife: a challenge to the physician
Margaret Rees: Teaching menopause to health care professionals

Friday, 05 May 2023, 09:15 – 10:15 CEST
Plenary Session 3:

Managing the perimenopause: a clinical challenge (Clinical Sciences)

Susan Davis: Managing perimenopausal CNS symptoms
Eva Dreisler: Perimenopausal abnormal uterine bleeding

Plenary Session 4, 16:15 – 17:45 CEST

Menopause: empowering women (Public Health)

Rachel Weiss: Menopause: a patient perspective
Andrea R Genazzani: Menopause, the physician’s perspective