Angelica L. Hirschberg – President, Stockholm, Sweden

What does EMAS Congress mean to you?

The EMAS Congress is Europe’s most important scientific meeting on the health of middle-aged individuals. It brings together prominent basic scientists, physicians, nurses, health professionals, researchers, industry representatives, and experts from around the world. At the Congress, participants have the opportunity to share their knowledge and the latest research data. It’s a superb platform for spreading research results and receiving constructive input from the most knowledgeable attendees. The interactive format of the sessions fosters engaging discussions on topics relevant to each participant’s interests.

Why attend this meeting?

If you’re keen to follow the latest developments in menopause and andropause and learn about cutting-edge research, you cannot miss the EMAS Congress! It’s a fantastic event for learning and networking in a relaxed atmosphere. The Congress provides great opportunities for face-to-face meetings and the development of research collaborations. Additionally, it offers a wide selection of exhibitors and new products related to diagnosis and treatment. And let’s not forget the unique life experience of spending a few days in the beautiful city of Valencia, Spain!

How does one feel as an attendee, faculty, abstract presenter, late breaking science presenter?

Regardless of their expertise, all participants will feel an atmosphere of high scientific quality and a friendly environment that encourages new acquaintances and research collaboration. Being part of this special group of colleagues with common beliefs and aims is a unique experience.